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Green Unfolding is my exploration of the transition of humanity, not just to sustain but to thrive on earth. On Green Unfolding I share my experiences and events, related to permaculture, sustainable food production, community living, new economy, and more.

I am Inge Kuijper, and in this transition of humankind, education as a transformative tool and the nurturing of a healthy mind, body and spirit are my main focus. After a 10 year career in user experience design I want to apply design thinking in education, as a powerful and fun tool to solve challenges. I am also studying Quantum Botanicals and soon Healing Diets at the School of Natural Medicine, UK. And I am a great believer in meditation, as without inner peace there can be no outer peace.


Education & Design

I started out studying Educational Science for 2 years but was searching for more innovative thinking and went on to complete a bachelor in Media & Culture at the University of Amsterdam. In my Master of Creative Development at the Utrecht School of Arts I developed further knowledge and skills in the area of user experience design. How to understand people and design technology in such a way it is the most enjoyable and easy to use became my main focus. For 10 years I developed these skills, mainly in mobile user experience design. What I enjoyed most, is understanding the creative process, and turning inspiration in actionable ideas.

I see the potential of design thinking in finding solutions for the worlds challenges. I was chairman of Nieuwe Garde Amsterdam for 3 years, a network for young creatives joining in meaningful projects. One of the projects is ‘Working overtime for a good cause’ for which I was project lead in 2009 and 2010. At this nighttime event more then 40 creatives worked for 8 causes, creating campaigns, logo designs, and so on. I organised a similar design jam with 25 young creatives in New York, around the topic of the Circular Economy, in 2014.

The AlpaBetClub

Understanding the transformative potential of education, I was also active as a board member for The AlphaBet Club for 5 years. The aim of the AlphaBetClub is to break the cycle of poverty by funding preschools for 3-5 year olds in various slums of Bangalore, India. The children receive education and daily nutritious meals, in a safe and loving environment. Funds are raised by organising regular events for expats in Amsterdam, Madrid and Phoenix.

Finding my purpose

In recent years working in digital design in London I felt the need to find meaning, and reconnect to nature. I left for 14 months of exploration and reflection, learning permaculture, ecovillage living, Vipassana meditation, shamanic healing and spending time in nature. I also completed the 5 week Ecovillage Design Education programme from Gaia Education at Findhorn, which transformed in many ways my views on how humanity can thrive on earth. Feeling revived, adopting a daily meditation practice, I am keen to continue to contribute to sustainable education and new ways of living.

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