Dentro del Fuego Sagrado, Colombia, part 2

My friend Radan spent 6 months at community and natural healing center “Dulce Azul”, in the Amazonian forests of Colombia, and documented his experience in 6 movies. Part 2 of these short docus will show you sweat lodge healing, sacred plants (ayahuasca), and our deep connection with nature. In part 1 you can learn about the ecovillage, art and music, and Amazonian cooking.

El Temazcal – Sweat Lodge Healing

It is still used nowadays in some central and south-American cultures for purifying the body, the mind and the spirit. It is used to cure respiratory and skin diseases, but it also symbolises maternity and the connection with our ancestral origins.

Plants of Power

An overview of the differences and benefits of both the traditional south American indigenous medicines and the modern western medicine. The sacred ayahuasca plant explained by an expert in South American shamanism.

Ancestral Wisdom

The message of peace of men and women who found their harmony by reuniting with their own selves and with nature, rediscovering the deep connection between all of us and everything. An invitation for all of us to rediscover our true, humble ancestral origins.

Make sure to watch part 1 as well, and learn about the eco village, art and music, and Amazonian cooking. You can follow Radan’s journey on A long journey through the Xylem Road on Facebook.

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