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My name is Inge Kuijper, ethnobotanist, writer and designer. In 2013 I left my full-time job in London to pursue the question; how can we live in harmony with nature? I traveled and volunteered in about 20 projects, from ecovillages to permaculture projects, in Europe and South America. I learned valuable lessons about human relationships in community. But even more, I have become fascinated with people-plant relationships. With our ability to restore ecosystems, the healing potential of plants, and how different cultures relate to plants.

In my search, I have returned to academics and completed the exciting Ethnobotany MSc program at the University of Kent in England. I continue to learn how people in different cultures relate to plants, for their survival, their health and wellbeing, and consequently in their worldview. I believe science and spirituality are both needed for humans to better understand their place in the world. And that in the inevitable transformation of humanity, we will remember that other species are not for us to be used as we see fit, rather they are our equals. With this understanding, we can move beyond the anthropocentric epoch, towards a harmonious collaboration with all species.

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