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I am bringing design thinking and my experiences with ecovillage design, permaculture, and ecological restoration together, to play my part in the creation of a bright future of people and planet. I want to work on initiatives that help the transition of humanity beyond the challenges we are currently facing. We are struggling with climate change, failing economic systems, broken communities, and an education system that is slow to adapt. In this time of rapid change, we need innovative methods to address Wicked Problems. We need systems thinking and design thinking to effectively deal with complexity. These are the ways I can help;


Whole Systems Design

  • Workshops applying Design Thinking; design jams and co-creation sessions with tangible outcomes
  • An intro to the global ecovillage movement and its many whole systems solutions
  • An intro to ecosystem restoration and its potential to regenerate our Earth
  • A Whole Systems regeneration session with the Ecovillage Design cards; reflect, research,
    and design the four Areas of Regeneration (culture, economy,  ecology, and social).

Social Design

  • Collaboratively creating a vision, mission, and common agreements
  • An intro to Non-Violent Communication (also; Connecting Communication)
  • An intro to Sociocracy 3.0 as a technology for effective collaboration

Project Design

  • Program coordination, project management
  • Participatory action research, market research
  • Website creation, mobile app consult, user experience design, communication, social media
  • 4 Returns Business Model Canvas (BMC) session to transform a sustainable business idea into a business model (the traditional BMC further developed by Commonland )

I would love to hear about your project, contact me if you want to have a coffee and learn more about what I can do for you. Or, if you are in need of other resources and contacts, I may be able to help you on your way.