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Ethnobotany, people and plants

Surprisingly, in today’s Western world we often hardly recognize the importance of plants. This phenomenon is called “plant blindness,” and occurs in science, education, the media, and religions. However, more than 80% of the earth’s biomass consists of plants. They provide us with oxygen, our daily food, medicine, clothing, and building materials, and are of great cultural significance. Ethnobotany looks at the relationship between humans and plants. These workshops shed new light on our relationship with the plant world, and the possibilities of returning to a relationship of reciprocity.

Workshop format

This is a series of 3 workshops of 1.5 hours, with a mix of lectures, discussions and activities,  intended for anyone who is curious about the relationship between people and plants. You do not need any specific prior knowledge.

Workshop themes

  • People and plants, and the science of ethnobotany
  • People and environment, our relationship with the natural world
  • Plant intelligence and posthumanism